Faculty: Kireet Patel

Interior Textiles : Craftsmanship and Materiality

Textiles are fabric materials usually made by interlacing threads of natural fibres. Interior designers, make choice, selection and combination about the types of textures, colours and patterns, to create desired atmospheres, and interior environments. Materials through patterns are useful tools to create and develop visual, spatial and functional perception of space.The patterns of interior textiles contribute to symbolic, associative aesthetic and programmatic qualities in space.The study intends to look at interior textiles through various aspects of strength and durability, pattern and graphics, safety and atmosphere.
The study will answer question like -What role interior textiles play in space making?
-Why is there an increasingly need / requirement for interior textiles.
-What contribution can interior textile make in space planning
The study will look at :
a)Materials of interior textile
b)Techniques and textures of interior textiles
c) Technological advancements of interior textiles.