Faculty: Jay Thakkar

TA: Kamna Vyas

Fictional Spaces

‘Imagination’ and ‘stories’ fuel our thoughts, and ‘experiences’ shape our lives. In this studio, the facet of Imagination came from exploring and drawing the surreal world of re-defined self-identity, understanding graphic and art styles and decoding futuristic tales. Further, the fictional world of stories emerged from understanding films and television series of various genres. Through exposure to creative fields like theatre, films, production design, television, and graphic design through discussions (hybrid) with experts from across the globe, the students were exposed to the world of scenic design. Through this exposure and series of interdisciplinary exercises, students created a fictional world of imaginary spaces. These spaces were envisaged for the famous historical personalities of India, set in the year 2088. The representation are done in narrativestyle drawings and scenes. The outputs of this studio are suppositious visualizations of the futuristic film sets.

Studio Unit