Faculty: Saleem Bhatri | Jinal Shah | Gautam Bhasin

TA: Khushali Kadiwala

Habitation Unit 2023

Approach (keywords) — Habitat via Building Products & Systems | CAD | Scalability — Off — grid | Net Zero | Circular Design | Reversible Building | Sustainability | Design for Environment — Industrial Production | Design for Manufacturing | Design for Assembly | Design for Disassembly | CAM — Collaboration | Teamwork | Industry partnership/s. The global construction sector consumes significant resources, generates substantial waste and is responsible for the emission of atmospheric pollutants. There are increasing efforts to ‘transform the current linear approach to design of building that has one end-of-life option (demolition) to a circular design solution that will guarantee multiple life options of the building as well as of its systems, products and materials.’ (Durmisevic, 2018) The studio proposed to utilize industrial production processes and technologies to realize a compact habitation unit which takes into consideration the various parameters listed in the above approach.

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Habitation Unit 2023