Faculty: Mann Singh

TA: Freny Khatri

Practice Makes perfect?

Yoga, woodworking, entertaining friends over a meal — to the casual glance appear to be fairly disparate activities seemingly connected only by virtue of their participants being human. A more deliberate view of them reveals significant similar features. They all involve codified behaviours, patterns, oftentimes the use of specialised objects and their own peculiar environments and settings. They are threaded through with narratives and meaning. Looking closer at each of our personal, professional and social lives; we become aware of the myriad acts and activities which make our existence, all of them having versions of the features mentioned earlier. The way we groom ourselves, our interactions around food, the ways we learn anything or the ways we entertain ourselves and others, all have codes, patterns, environments and accessories. For our purposes we can call each of these a practice. Designing around practices, past and future was the basis of the studio.

Studio Unit