Faculty: Kireet Patel

TA: Nidhi Ratani


The studio investigated the approaches of fabrication, construction, and production for interior space with the idea of assembly. It focusesd on the role of geometry, structure, and material in exploring the relationship between expression and aesthetics. The students learnt to identify the need for assembly using contemporary construction technologies. The studio was divided into three modules, COMPREHEND the concepts of assembly, CONGREGATE the spatial scaling of assembly, and CONCRETIZE the role of material and processes with the ideas of assembly. These ideations ware verified immediately through an intermediate design program and later employed in a larger public-scale interior design project. The expected studio outcome demanded a thorough application of assembly processes on articulating space through elements to define the language of interior spaces. The studio called for rigorous involvement in making diagrams, drawings, and physical models for constructing assembly systems to resolve interior design issues.

Studio Unit

Studio Pedagogy and design process for ABC

Spatial scaling and experimenting the developed ABC

Programming and developing the ABC into public scale interior design project

A place for ABC

A place for ABC