Faculty: Harsh Bhasin

Analysis of Provisions for Transit Oriented Development in Cities with Metro Corridors and Recommendations for Improving them

With Indian cities expanding into the urban peripheries, cities are implementing Mass rapid transit system for the ease of movement of people within the city. While building such high infrastructure cities look at transit-oriented development (TOD) to capture the values which are created along such corridors to improve liveability. MoHUA recognizes the importance of TOD and has prepared a National TOD policy for cities to adopt TOD. However, cities in India are implementing Metro corridors but are not planning for TOD along them. This results in the metro corridor just acting as another mode of transport while neglecting the opportunities of integrating landuse-transport and capturing the development potential which is generated along such corridors.
The DRP topic focuses on how to implementing TOD in cities which have metro corridors. The research will first make students understand what is TOD, create a framework of how TOD has been successful and categories them into various sectors. The students will then select an Indian city with metro, analyze the planning and implementing provisions for TOD in the selected city both statutory provisions and non-statutory, identify gaps and issues that are hindering the metro corridors from behaving like TOD and recommend suggestions for improving the current planning and implementation framework

Student DRP