Navonil Maji



Envisioning Kumbharwada in the near future as a community that practices pottery and provides for society as well as a place where foreigners may visit and revitalize the craft both as a job and as a form of art. Increasing the social permeability of the community to the neighboring neighborhood is one of the ambitions of Kumbharwada. Increasing on- site lighting and ventilation while preserving the units’ close closeness and orientation. To maintain their social interaction with one another. Putting more of an emphasis on the commercial side will draw more tourists, which can lead to the demonstration area of how the process works, and at the same time, one can observe the livelihood of the potter community. It will also operate as an exhibition place for the pottery community. There is also significantly less pollution because the kilns are oriented to respond to the environment in a way that doesn’t hinder social contact within the community. 

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