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Paryul Jain


From Chaos to Order: Revitalizing Kumbharwada

The Revitalizing Kumbharwada initiative is a project that employs a tailored approach to urban development through the application of form-based guidelines and conservative surgery. This approach, which emphasizes community engagement and participation, seeks to enhance the livelihoods of Mumbai's longstanding potter community. The initiative prioritizes the preservation of the area's unique socio-cultural diversity and morphology, which have been shaped over time through community growth. The project addresses a range of challenges, including the provision of open spaces for community use, the establishment of essential infrastructure and services, and the creation of a model for upward mobility. Additionally, the initiative aims to raise awareness about the art of pottery and generate employment opportunities in this field.

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Report Content

Case Study

Site Documentation

Site Documentation

Community Analysis

Issues identified to resolve

Accessibility and Light and Ventilation

Redesigned Clusters

Form Based Guidelines

Kumbharwada in 15 years

500 scale, 3-D Model