Rethinking Khumbharwada

Kumbharwada, part of Dharavi situated in Mumbai, till today is able to preserve its identity as a place for the potter community migrated from Gujarat long ago. Sense of belongingness, neighbourhood and community are the reasons for the existence of Kumbharwada as a place of Prajapati Kumbhars living together till now. The problems of temporary houses with no toilets and unorganised houses, dark congested streets, lack of proper public infrastructure, uneven street pavements, and congested houses is making the life of Prajapatis difficult. The studio intended to build a new housing or try to fix the problem Kumbhars facing into their day to day living condition.

Report Content

Case Study and Family Cycle

Site Study and Mapping

Site Study and Mapping

Observation and Inferences of the site.

Constraints and Opportunities on the site.

Unit and Cluster Generation

Commercial Edge and Site Generation

Proposed Design of the Kumbharwada

Process Models