Divija Harish Patel


Svanirbhar Kumbharwada

Svanirbhar Kumbharwada is a model which, rather than applying blanket policy, works sensitively for the upliftment of the potter's community living in Mumbai for ages. The model retains the socio-cultural diversity and morphology attained after years of community growth.  The tangible aspects it takes care of are fulfilling the basic requirements of a citizen to attain a proper size of units with light and ventilation, open spaces for the community, and providing infrastructure and services, along with designing a model for upward mobility, women's upliftment and awareness regarding health and sanitation. 

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Case studies and Site Visits

Site Documentation and Analysis

Site Documentation and Analysis (Intangible aspects)

Site Documentation and Analysis

Family Cycle

Design Proposal

Process of Developing Design Model

Guidelines of Tangible Aspects

Final Design