Kirthi Sakthi K


Abstracting social life and public space

Portfolio consists of two different exercises Urban blocks and Urban space design. Urban block which focuses on analytical conditions of public space in large context through various cities and  the design exercise focuses on rethinking the existing scenarios by critical design approach of reimaging food truck park on S.G.Highway.The studio is  structured as an introduction to urban design representation and how it is used as a means of design thinking. The premise is that urban design is best understood and expressed through study and representation of the built urban environment. Hence, the studio will focus on the study, representation and design of the key urban elements in cities and will be structured in multiple modules running through the semester, each culminating with an exhibition of the outcome. These modules will significantly focus on effectively capturing and communicating the spatial qualities of the urban built environment and the design of public places.

Report Content

Study of urban block

Serial vision

Isometric view - La sagrada familia

Reimagining food truck park - Context

Master plan

Section and Isometric views

Detailed part plan - Street edge

Detailed part plan - Food truck park


Detail & view