Fernandes Risa Peter Delphina


Elements of Urban Design Studio

The studio involves understanding urban design representation and the design of public places. It is structured into 3 modules. The first two modules focus on representation of the key elements of urban design that come together to make any functional urban space.It involved studying 2 cities- Mumbai and Toledo, Spain. The third module focuses on the design of public places including detailed design of elements in the public places. The selected project in this module involved understanding the need and importance of open spaces in gamthal and how it can be reimagined to stimulate its community use.

Report Content

What is your city talking about? -Mumbai

Urban block study- Toledo, Spain

Urban block study- Toledo, Spain

Designing an Urban Space- Site Location

Site Context and Existing scenario

Objectives and Strategies

Street- Master Plan

Chowk- Strategies and Master Plan