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The studio is structured as an introduction to urban design representation and the design of public places. The studio is based on the premise that urban design is best understood and expressed through studying and representing the built urban environment. It is divided into 3 exercises. The first exercise focuses on current urban issues based on the Pedestrian Plaza project in the city of Chennai. The second exercise focuses on representing the critical elements of urban design that come together to make functional urban space in the city of Paris. The third exercise focuses on the design of public places including the detailed design of elements of public spaces. The focus is to create an experiential urban open space that caters to the need of the community and to create awareness of the need for more open spaces across the city that bring people together and promotes community engagement.

Report Content

What is Your City Talking About- Chennai (Pedestrian Plaza)

Study and Representation of Urban Blocks- La Villette, Paris

La Villette, Paris - Views

Design of Urban Space - First Impression and the basis for Selection of project

Existing Street Plan

Proposed Street Plan

Master Plan - Design Intervention (Neighborhood Open Space)

Site Section and Sectional Details


Aerial View