Sitanshu Jayesh Rawal


EoUD_ Lakeside development and other exercises

In the studio we first identified and studied an urban design project in our own cities, then we studied various urban blocks in the world where I looked at Bhadra Plaza Ahmedabad. For the last exercise, we identified a project in various wards of Ahmedabad, Jodhpur ward in my case. A Lakeside Development was proposed neat the gamtal. As per the new Town planning Scheme the site was selected and then a design was proposed. There were also stages of community engagement in the design and proposal process. 

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Report Content

Poster of exercise one understanding the urban design project

Understanding the urban design project of Mumbai Skate Park

Exercise two where Urban Block of Bhadra Plaza is studied

Observations of Bhara Plaza and Teen Darvaza Market

Lakeside Development, Mumatpura

Strategies, Zoning and Proposed Plan

Sections Across the Lake

Plan near the North Entrance of the park

Plan near the Gamtal Entrance and temple

Overall view of the Proposed Design