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Monalisa Sharma


Bharuch and Ankleshwar : The Growing symbiotic cities

Bharuch and Ankleshwar are two symbiotic cities located in the state of Gujarat, India. The GIDCs act as growth magnets. Therefore, the Development Plan 2042 is based on having a better connectivity between the growth magnets and to improve the livability of BAUDA region by integrating the current and expanding economic prospects through a reliable transit network and facilitate growth by improved zoning. The approach to zoning is mostly liberal and intensity based to promote expanded development of the cities and regulated at some places to densify them with the help of overlay zones.  

Report Content

Development Plan Study

What is BAUDA and how did the region grow?

Demographics & SIO's

Boundary Delineation as per population growth

Vision, Objective & Concept

Transect study & Road Network

Zoning and Housing

Infrastructure and Environment

Phasing, Implementation and Cost analysis

Envisioned BAUDA 2042 & Key Learnings