Vasava Shivani Yogeshbhai


Bharuch Ankleshwar Development PLan 2041

Bharuch, also known as Bhrigukaccha, has a long and illustrious history. The city was an important center of trade and business during the Indus Valley Civilization, whereas Ankleshwar is a comparatively new city founded in the early twentieth century. Both cities are today noted for their industrial growth, with several chemical and pharmaceutical companies working in the area. Now the city is growing because of the various parameter like upcoming transport special projects, PCPIR, and Jhagadia industries and hence we have proposed various projects based on the concept of sustainability, livability, mobility, and compact city planning

Report Content

Understanding the development plan of Navsari

Geographical context and Demographics of Bharuch and Ankleshwar

Road network, Existing land uses and developable non developable land

Transect study analysis

Strength, Issues and opportunities

Approach towards planning and projected area and population

Road Network Proposals

Blue Green Proposals


Costing and Implementation