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Utkarsh Sharma


Creating a Symbiotic Relationship in Industrial Cities

The studio aims to explore the pedagogy of developing a comprehensive Development Plan for Bharuch-Ankleshwar for the year 2042. In order to understand the current situation of the Bharuch-Ankleshwar, the development plan studio 2023 aims at exploring different planning tools and methods.  The reconnaissance survey was done in a group of 10 and proposals were in groups of 4. Various Proposals such as HRSC, DMIC, and DFC will have an impact on future development. In order to meet the SDGs, this exercise aims to create a development plan that is carbon resilient, and has a bottom-up approach.

Report Content

Understanding the Scale of Master Plans, a case of MPD-2021

Transect Study to understand the Micro level planning approach

Regional significance of BAUDA

Influx of Industrial workers will require land for inclusionary housing

Achieving Symbiotic relationship where both cities have a unique identity

Ring Road to act as a major link for both the cities

Special planning zones to capture land value at high footfall zones

TP mechanism to be done incrementally as the market demands

More growth towards the periphery allowing for a more intense labor market and growing economy

Planners are the doctors of the city which needs more than just a DP