Monisha P


Development Plan for Bharuch- Ankleshwar

The Development Plan studio aids in understanding macro-level planning in Indian cities through a case study and detailed study of one city in terms of existing situation, connectivity, market demand, environment ,land-use and housing. With regular site visits and iterations the studio helped develop an apprehension of various elements that shape a DP and have a holistic approach towards them. The proposals for development plan were based on the identified issues and challenges in these elements.  

Report Content


Existing Situation Analysis to identify strength, issues and opportunities in BAUDA.

Based on SIO- Boundary Delineation and Concept for BAUDA 2041.

Transportation Network

Understand market demand of floor-space through transect study.

Approach to Zoning

Proposed FSI and regulations by understanding the above mentioned factors

Analysing feasibility of DP 2041 through costing and implementation.

Key Learnings.