Shivang Kaushik Vyas


Rejuvenating Bharuch-Ankleshwar - Vision for DP'41

Bharuch-Ankleshwar : the two cities which are strategically placed between Vadodara and Surat to facilitate trade and economy have also become one of the major job centric cities over time. With already a large area demarcated by BAUDA in 2014, it is crucial to address that undeveloped area and recognize the scope of development within the BAUDA boundary itself. 

Report Content

Brief Introduction

Analysis of Vadodara's DP 2031

Understanding Bharuch-Ankleshwar

Concept and Vision

Transport Network in BAUDA

Zooming to a Transect

Blue-Green Network in BAUDA

Zoning in BAUDA

Infrastructure, Phasing and Costing