Kendki Shravani Meninath Ujwala


Reviving the cities of Bharuch & Ankleshwar.

Bharuch and Ankleshwar are two cities that have been impacted by industries thus affecting the quality of life of the people. The Development plan focuses on improving the livability of these cities by using a sustainable approach. The principle of mobility will enhance the connectivity and thus contribute in strengthening the economy of these two cities which has been stagnant. Compact city planning will ensure walkable and lively neighbourhoods which will in turn help in retaining the population from the neighbouring industrial areas which are responsible for the growth of theses two cities. 

Report Content

Study of the Development plan of the city of Navi Mumbai.

Existing Situation Analysis and the economical aspect with respect to BAUDA.

Strengths, Issues and Opportunities for BAUDA along with land suitability and potentiality.

Concept, Parameters and Vision for BAUDA with Boundary dileneation.

Connectivity and Public Transport system.

Transect study and Street design intervention.

Blue-green network and Non-motorized transport.

Zoning and Development Control Regulations.

Housing project, Infrastructure and Costing & Implementation mechanisms.

Key learnings from the Development Plan Studio.