Vinuta Deshpande


Re-imagined Cultural Corridor of MAJESTIC

UT4005, a unit of the Urban Transformation Studio 2023, MUD, explores urban design possibilities in ToD (Transit-Oriented Development) in developing urbanities. The recent ToD initiatives by central and state governments display in principle intention to transform urban environments. TOD is typically conceived as a high-density, high-end real estate around transit nodes. However, due to a lack of supporting regulatory framework and implementation mechanisms, the projects, in most cases are unable to exploit the benefits envisaged by the policy. Against the background, the studio illustrates the transformational potential of ToD through urban design through interventions in key sites in Bengaluru. A total of twelve students dealt with the following four key sites in Bengaluru that offered varied contexts and complexities. 1. Sandal Soap Factory 2. Majestic 3. Indira Nagar 4. KR Puram The studio was designed with the following broad learning outcomes for students: • Delineation of ToD projects based on site reconnaissance and stakeholder consultations • Strategic framework for delineated areas with identified urban design projects • Detail design of the identified urban design projects including illustrations • Broad regulations/ guidelines for the intended urban form. Through their design projects, students explored the methods of integration of the physical design with the regulatory frameworks (TPS. LAP) in creating livable. functional. memorable, safe, and sustainable urban areas. The projects had a strong design focus on the physical setting, however issues of private ownership and social equity. land economics. planning models. project finance and implementation strategies were also addressed.

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TOD in Bangalore

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