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Vaibhav Gupta


Revitalise : The Pete Core (Bangalore | Majestic)

UD4005, a unit of the Urban Transformation Studio 2023, MUD, explores urban design possibilities in TOD (Transit-Oriented Development) in developing urbanities. The recent TOD initiatives by central and state governments display in principle intention to transform urban environments. TOD is typically conceived as a high-density, high-end real estate around transit nodes. However, due to a lack of supporting regulatory framework and implementation mechanisms, the projects, in most cases are unable to exploit the benefits envisaged by the policy.  The delineated site is chickpete (adjacent to majestic metro station) and Aim is to Revitalize the historic core.

Report Content

Site delineation | Chickpete| Majestic |Bangalore

Analysis and inference

Approach | Vision | Objective

Design Strategies

Design Strategies


Proposed Local area Plan

Project-I |Chickpete – MMI Integration

Project II|Redevelopment Old Taluk Cutchery Road

Project-III| TCM Royan Road