Faculty: Yash Shukla

Assessment of Indoor Air Quality, Thermal Comfort, and Energy Performance of SARI building in Ahmedabad

Ventilation significantly impacts thermal comfort and IAQ since it helps control and improvesIAQ by removing indoor pollutants and giving occupants access to fresh air. Knowledge of office typology in the Indian context will be provided by the correlations between theperformances of these factors. The study will present the Indoor air quality, thermal comfort, and energy performance potential of the SARI building in Ahmedabad. The effectiveness of the HMX system that has been installed in the building will be assessed. The ASHRAE 55 for thermal comfort and the ASHRAE 62.1 for indoor air quality standards were followed in the
design and construction of the SARI building. The study will assess if the building is operating according to the standards and provide recommendations for improvements according to on site measurements. Based on the parameters, strategies will be selected to study the performance of the building in the Indian context as it will be conducted in an operational facility. This assessment will provide real-world data, a building assessment, and recommendations for improvement, and measures to be implemented.