Faculty: Devanshu Pandit

Application of Lean Principles in handling of MSW at Refuse Transfer Station (RTS).

Since launch of Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) in 2014, government has allocated huge budget to improve solid waste management. Due to rapid urbanization and growth of cities, the landfills are far away from point of waste generation making it necessary to construct intermediate facility to transfer waste from smaller vehicles to bigger capacity vehicles. The MSW collected from household is taken to Refuse Transfer Station (RTS), where it is compacted and transferred to a large capacity vehicle for better efficiency. However, the transfer station operations lack efficiency as reflected by queues and vehicle capacity utilization data. There is need for systematic study to optimize RTS operation by analyzing waste data. There is also lack of research on application of lean principles to solid waste management. This research will explore application of lean principles in handling of MSW at RTS to increase efficiency of RTS.