Faculty: Dhara Shah

Design Aid for typified design of steel pitched roof trusses for industrial buildings using IS800:2007 and IS875 part-3:2015

Structural steel is one of the most prevalent construction materials which can be seen as an important component of modern buildings. It is a cost-effective material in addition to its versatility, sustainability and flexibility. Design of steel structures demands intensive understanding of the fundamental principles relating the analyses of steel structural elements and their connections. The iterative nature of design of steel structural elements involves rigorous calculations comprising mathematical formulae to determine various forces, moments, stresses, strains, deflections, etc. Hence, working out such designs is time consuming and tedious. In structural design firms, time plays a critical role in order to cope up with daily competition and demand from the industry.
This research project has been proposed to assist structural designers involved in steel pitched roof truss design, with an aim of provide simpler, faster approach to steel truss design in terms of handbook i.e. ready to use designs for steel truss as per limit state method and latest Indian standards. Parameters to be incorporated are span, pitch, purlin spacing, spacing of truss, height of column and wind zone.