Performance study of different geotextile materials on soil stabilization of weak soil.

There are varied kinds of soils present on earth starting from good soil to poor soil. Construction of various civil engineering structures like embankments, roads, dams, and foundations for various structures as well as several other engineering structures in certain regions possessing poor or low-grade soils is major problem engineers are facing. In many instances, subgrade soils that are unsatisfactory in their natural state can be improved through certain geotechnical improvement techniques. Soil Stabilization is the process of improving the index and Engineering properties of soil to make the structure more stable and durable. There are various methods of soil stabilization, each possessing its unique advantages and limitations which make them ideal for certain engineering purposes yet unsuitable for others. The utilization of geotextiles is one of the techniques to stabilize the soil in order to improve the service life of the structures. Geotextiles are geosynthetics that are manufactured from polymeric materials like polyester, polypropylene, etc., which are used along with soil to improve stability. They are playing a very important role in civil engineering works over the last two decades. The aim of the project is to discuss the functions of woven and nonwoven geotextiles and their effect on the properties of the soil and soil geo-textile interaction behavior for various types of soil.

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