Faculty: Tapan Betai

Exploring digitalization and robotics approaches in construction

The objective of the research is to find out the prospect of digitalization and automation of construction that make a revolution in the industry using digital execution tools, and software. Digitalization is developed and adopted successfully in the planning and strategic management of construction projects. We are looking for a process of execution which can be achieved digitally and can be automated minimizing human intervention. We have been reading about 3D printed houses and computation in design but we lack the mindset of adopting such approaches in the Indian context for large constructions. This research will develop an approach using computation, robotics, and possibilities with different materials applied to the Indian climate for construction technologies where integration of machines, system equipment and components with artificial intelligence (AI)led Industries in the future. Looking back to the last 10 years, we can observe the technological advancement in the monitoring, planning and computing technologies where we are saving a lot of time and achieving more efficiency. Now we want to empathise with next-generation technology advancement and contribute to developing the Indian infrastructure. Our long-term agenda is to keep updating and developing the technologies involved and used in the construction industry having the next generation of robots, computation, and Artificial intelligence.