Faculty: Bhargav Tewar

Exploring possibilities of automation in construction in Indian scenario

The digital revolution in today’s world is far more significant than any other invention. There are many opportunities for digital transformation in the construction industry as in terms of automation, the construction industry today is way behind in knowhow and applicability. In developed countries construction automation has grown swiftly be in terms of implementation or knowhow. In developing countries like India it is still at a very emerging stage. Usages of automation technologies such as electronic devices and new machineries in highway construction, tunneling, bridge construction etc., still follow elementary level practices. The digital revolution is based on the integration of the management of tools digitally and at the field level construction at the same time. Automation is mandatory to enhance quality of work, decrease labor dependency, improve safety of workers and increase productivity. It is imperative that one must make new efforts to increase the level automation in construction sector to match global standards. This research will help in understanding Indian scenario to identify possibilities of incorporating future technologies, innovations and automation in construction.