Faculty: Paramjit Lota

Implementation of Lean Construction through Technology – Finding the missing ingredient in the equation

There's an evident gap in Lean tools and processes and Digitalisation of these tools and processes. Lean was never conceptualised with the inclusion of technology in its development. This is presently evident from a significant section of the industry where Lean is looked at as a culture and process change and technology is then added into the mix. This is leading to a gap where digitalisation always comes secondary and seems to be a force-fit, rather than a natural inclusion.
The question, thus, arises; Is a digital approach hampering the inclusion and adoption of lean into projects and organisations? And if so, what is the approach that lean-driven technology needs to take to overcome this evident barrier? The intent is to find the missing ingredient in the equation that can help project teams overcome the challenges faced during the implementation of lean tools and processes driven by technology. The research will explore the implementation of a Lean tool/process with presently available technology to test the hypothesis through participation with the industry.

Student DRP