Faculty: Anal Sheth

Design and Comparative Assessment of Precast Concrete Tanks

Precast concrete tanks are useful for quick installation of various water retention and water treatment structures. They are used for water storage, water harvesting, septic tank and sewage treatment plants. In India IS: 3370 addresses the design of concrete structures for storage of liquids. The development of the precast concrete tank product depends on various factors. Whereas the monolithic tanks can be made possible for smaller sizes of tanks, the larger size tanks need to constructed using segmental precast construction. The shape of the tank, whether rectangular, circular or 8 shaped is also governed by various factors including design efficiency and land planning of tank assemblies. This research work will address the structural design of various sizes of precast concrete water and waste water retaining tanks as per IS3370 and additionally address the need for loading, unloading and dispatch criteria to arrive at the requirement of monolithic or segmental tanks. As an outcome of this research, ready reckoner tables and drawings will be developed for selection of appropriate tank. Appropriate jointing methodology for segmental tanks will also be devised.