Vemuri Venkata Lalitha Sriram



Glaciers are huge bodies of ice formed on land as a result of compression of snow, over a century. Glaciers offer many useful resources and are key sources for freshwater. The increase in temperature on earth on account of climate change is causing rapid glacial melt, resulting in rising sea levels and significant disruptions to oceanic and land ecosystems. Thus arises the need to understand this retreat in the glaciers. To that end, this study attempts to understand influence of various driving factors leading to glacial retreat using Machine Learning and Remote Sensing techniques. 

Report Content


Aim and Objectives

Glaciatic Observations, Study Area


Exploratory Data Analysis

Architectures of the Models used in the Study

Performance of the Models

Change in Glacial Boundary as observed via the Selected Model

Variations in Glacial Extent

Conclusions and Societal Usability