Arjita Gupta


HVAC LAB | Arjita Gupta

The Portfolio outlines a brief of semester learnings, that includes concepts and theoretical understandings of HVAC such as the refrigeration Cycle, HVAC components and their schematics, HRV, and simulation. Parallel learnings of operating varied instruments, their benefits, and limitation during Measurement and Experimentation i.e. air quality index, infiltration, carbon dioxide level, and mass flow rates are showcased. The simulation module enfolds a process of HVAC system simulation process of the industry that ranges from its relativity to climate analysis, its impact of the same onto the system, and its optimization. 

Report Content

Theoretical Study of Concepts through the semester

Case Study of HVAC schematics: CEPT Library

M&E: Infiltration (L), Air Quality index (R)

Course Project: HRV installation protocol

Course Project: HRV Analysis and inference

HVAC Schematics and Measurement Plan

Simulation Module: Climate analysis and Cooling Loads

Simulation Module: System Selection and Chiller Selection

Simulation Module: System Sizing and Optimization

Simulation Module: Sensible and Loads mapping; Chiller Sequencing