Arsh Arora


HVAC Lab I Spring Portfolio

The HVAC Lab plays a crucial role in reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions in buildings. . By using the HVAC Lab to study and experiment with different HVAC systems, students and researchers can develop innovative and energy-efficient solutions that can be implemented in buildings to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Through the use of simulations, the Lab can analyze the impact of each component on energy performance, allowing for the development of optimized HVAC systems that provide both comfort and energy efficiency.

Report Content

Measurement and experimentation

Measurement and experimentation-Data Observation

Measurement and experimentation-Data Analysis

HVAC system Optimization

HVAC system Optimization- Load Profile

HVAC system Selection

HVAC system Optimization- Chiller Selection

HVAC system Optimization- System Sizing

HVAC system Optimization- Chiller Sequencing

System Performance Analysis - Cost Comparison