Mahajan Aaditi Abhay


HVAC Lab | Portfolio

HVAC Lab taught the significance of air conditioning components and systems in depth. On site measurements and experimentation for various HVAC components to analyze the system performance were carried out. Case studies gave a practical perspective of the working of HVAC systems and its functions.  The studio helped in developing an understanding of ventilation standards, their application, the fundamentals of the refrigeration cycle, various HVAC systems and the analysis of comfort, energy efficiency and overall efficiency.

Report Content

Infiltration rate and Air Tightness

ERV Analysis

ERV Analysis

HVAC Component M&E

HVAC System Case study: CFP building, CEPT

HVAC schematics

Simulation : Introduction & Load profile

Simulation: Chiller Sizing

Simulation: AHU strategy and Chiller sequencing

Simulation: Chiller sequencing