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The HVAC Lab teaches Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning concepts in the context of energy efficiency. The lectures cover topics like refrigeration cycle, HVAC system types, load calculation, airflow measurements, ventilation, and indoor air quality. Measurement and Experimentation (M&E) gives a hands-on approach to measuring infiltration and ventilation rates, air pollutants, and flow and monitoring refrigeration cycle and power consumption. Building Simulation module teaches how to analyze various HVAC systems, understand their performance, and impact on building performance. This is a compilation of selected works from HVAC Lab Spring Semester 2023.

Report Content

Tracer Gas Decay Method

Refrigeration Cycle

VRF Heat Pump Schematic

HRV Installation

HRV Performance Evaluation

System Sizing based on CoP & PLR

Performance Comparison for VAV & VRF Systems

Zoning & Chiller Sequencing Strategies

Unmet Hour Analysis

Temporal Analysis - Degree of Unmet Hour & Energy