Hardik Rajan



In the framework of energy efficiency in the building sector, the HVAC Lab concept module teaches Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning topics. Topics such as Refrigeration Cycle, Types of HVAC systems, Cooling Load Calculations, Airflow & Ventilation Rate requirements and Indoor Air Quality Analysis. Measurement and Experimentation (M&E) exercises provide a hands-on way to implement and understand the aforementioned topics. How to evaluate various HVAC systems, comprehend their operation, and impact on building performance are all covered in the Building Simulation module.

Report Content

Heat Recovery Ventilator System - Concept

Heat Recovery Ventilator System - Methodology

Heat Recovery Ventilator System - Installation

Heat Recovery Ventilator System - Sensors Used

Heat Recovery Ventilator System - Analysis

Measurement & Experimentation Exercise

VAV-Water Cooled HVAC System Schematic Plan

HVAC Measurement Plan - CoP of Chiller

HVAC Measurement Plan - Effectiveness of Dedicated Outdoor Air System

Simulation - HVAC Optimization