Faculty: Bhargav Tewar | Tapan Betai

TA: Brijesh Pandya | Vikas Patel

Industry 4.0 in Construction Technology

Today’s digital revolution is powerful, farreaching and arguably more significant than any other invention. How can we employ this revolution to transform current building processes? This studio enabled students to develop and reiterate the possibilities of incorporating future technologies, innovations and initiatives in construction. Through the development of fundamental logic and an appreciation of robotics, automation and technology tools — whether available today or tomorrow — students learnt how to analyse, develop, and employ all potential solutions to enhance building processes. Learning about digital transformation involved studying and understanding traditional construction methods, materials, and processes to make their management more efficient, productive, and reliable. Through studio outputs, the digital management of tools and applications in field construction are appreciated.

Studio Unit

Module-1_Know-Hows Of The Construction

Module-2_Introduction to Internet Of Things

Module-3_Align It Well

Module-4_Let’s Automate

Final Outcome