Faculty: Kanisha Vora | Jinal Shah

Parametric Modelling and Design of Long Span Structures

The recent development of computational tools has enabled the design and analysis of complex long span structures. The structural design of long-span structures tends to involve the optimization of multiple structural elements, which work as an entire system to withstand various kinds of forces. During this process, it becomes an imperative to change the size and the position of the structural elements without changing the relationship between them so that they can withstand critical forces arising from various load combinations. Parametric modelling defines the relationship between the various structural elements and the required changes can be achieved more efficiently. The studio intended to explore the potential computational tools and parametric modelling to generate complex form for long-span structure and further to design, stabilize and optimize the structural system for the same by analyzing it using suitable design software. It also intended to understand the relation between form development and structural system.

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Parametric Form Development

Structural Design 1

Structural Design 2

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