Faculty: Vimal Patel

Architecture of Endurance

A fundamental concept that has allowed historical buildings to endure is the careful matching of the durability and life cycle of materials with the chosen construction system, response to climate, and program. This approach ensures longevity and facilitates adaptability and repair as societal needs evolve. This approach holds heightened significance in the current era, characterized by limited resources. It necessitates a conscientious and careful consideration of existing structures, relooking them with renewed purpose and significance. This very idea becomes the entry point to look at materials and systems of construction and, therefore, architecture as a way to accommodate changing needs over time and the construction system?s ability to offer that flexibility. In order to learn the strength and architectural expression of an existing system, the studio takes an opposing view of inserting different construction systems in proximity to the existing one to emphasize the learnings through differences.

The semester systematically probe into the relationship between building as a system of details and informed choice of construction system as a means to endure time and changing spatial needs.