Faculty: Mili Parekh | Aditti Mittal kanoi

TA: Shivika Kakar

Hidden Prospects Under the Fly-Over

This Studio Focused on tapping the untapped, seeing the neglected and converting these spaces into Spatial Design Opportunities.
Everywhere we turn our eyes in a urban setting we see flyovers in the name of development. But along with these came wasteful, neglected adjacent/underneath spaces full of opportunities.

Do we agree?

This studio began with an understanding of neglected residual spaces in an around us. Further students were given a live site to analytically derive opportunities around via different methodologies like sketching, audio-visual filming ?analysis, mapping, zoning to name a few. Abstract exercises in form of thesis ? anti thesis, hands on model making were conducted to extract the potential of the site in the given urban setting. To enhance further understanding, lecture series were conducted by industry experts on sub?-categories.

This course ensured that students hone their skill to look at Spaces and Places with umpteen opportunities, to be able to analytically see a space in socio?-reginal context, to be able to propose a valid program which on an urban scale benefits the populus either economically or socially or culturally.

Studio Unit

Site Analysis | Pakwan and ShyamPrasad Mukherjee Flyover

Program Development | User tribe and Abstract Insert

Design Development | Plans, Elevations and Sections

Working Drawing and BOQ | Executive Proposal

Physical Model | Hands-on Explorations