Faculty: Vaibhavi Thakkar Desai | Shailee Trivedi

TA: Reeya Detroja

Poetry of Light

The studio comprised the fundamentals of Daylight and Artificial lights, Daylight controls and their quality, Shading systems, Glare Management, and Light distribution. The intentions were to make students understand the importance of daylighting and the techniques of incorporating and balancing it. It also incorporated biodynamic lighting and lighting effects on human well-being. Studio exercises revolved around factors of the physical space and environmental ambience that affected the emotions of the occupants. In context to that, it helped in design decisions for making light adjustments and proposals in response to occupants? preferences. Lighting design took centre stage in the entire interior design process by focusing on the multisensory experience. The study of artificial lighting was conducted using guidelines and design criteria.

The studio also included two interior lighting design projects, where students completed the final project with luminaire specifications and lighting estimation. The design project elevated the effort on lighting factors that allowed the prediction of the effect of lighting and task oriented conditions on visual performance. It also studied the understanding of the site conditions that caused visual discomfort. At the end of the studio, students learned the basic fundamentals of lighting design, that helped them understand and respect light in a better way.

Studio Unit