Faculty: Smit Vyas

TA: Aksh Chauhan

Tectonic Operations - X

Tectonic Operations is a level-2 construction studio which looks at how outdated buildings can be reactivated by introducing new programmatic parts into them. Studio begins with the selection of an old, out of favour, ancillary building found in the university area, which is carefully measured drawn by the students. Following this, each one of them designs a new function into the existing building through repair, replacement & addition of new parts. As the old building itself becomes the new site of architectural actions, students are encouraged to explore creative thinking about construction processes by playing old structural systems, building elements & materials against the newly introduced ones.

Overall, the interest is in-
A. studying how each student's project may develop through the tension between individual expression of architectural desires v/s responsiveness to given conditions of site and program. How can one resolve contrastive conditions through a sense of play?

B. seeing the scope of detail development- often considered to be a mechanical part of architectural production- as possibly a fertile stage through which the work acquires its distinctive character or personality. This is aided by using expressive model making and drawings techniques that further enhance the sense of creative exploration.

C. Finally, bringing individual interventions together in the form of a collective model that expresses multiple inconsistencies, playful asymmetries and heterogeneity born out of mutual dialogue, contestations, and cooperation between different participants.

Studio Unit

Group Work- Model, Individual sections

Process Models, Exisiting site plan and final site Plan

Kusumitha- Section of water tower & amphitheathe

Murali- Plan and section of Adminstartive office, Deetishaa- Final Spread

Siddharth, Jayani - Final Spread