Meghavi Suthar


“Evolution of Architectural Openings

This essay explores shifts in construction technologies, focusing on the use of brick and concrete as spanning and bearing members in openings, particularly examining lintel construction methods. Divided into three sections, it begins with a prologue providing historical context from "India Modern Architectures in History." This section discusses architectural evolution, technical advancements, and socio-political influences, setting the stage for the analysis. The building description centers on Bimal Patel's Entrepreneurship Development Institute, showcasing innovative lintel usage. Drawing analysis and case studies of DN Hall, Alliance Française, and ATIRA Guest House elucidate construction methods and socio-political influences on architecture. In conclusion, the essay highlights the evolution of lintel construction techniques over the past century. Examples include: Concrete Lintel Bearing on Brick Piers (EDI), Concrete Lintel Inserted into Reinforced Brickwork (Alliance Française), RCC Beam Structure Resting on parallel Load-Bearing Masonry Walls (ATIRA Guest House), and Brick as a Spanning Element (D.N Hall).

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Introduction to building

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Timeline Argument

Sectional Perspective

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Exploded Isometric

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