Neti Sai Venkata Pravallika


The Art of Illusion

The study investigates dissonance in building construction, focusing on Christopher Benninger’s Alliance Française. It comprises three sections: prologue, introduction, and argument. Michael Cadwell's "Strange Details" methodology is employed, elucidating dissonance through examples like the Querini Stampalia Foundation and the Farnsworth House. Alliance Française’s use of brick as both structure and facade material is analyzed, revealing dissonance techniques such as covering skylights with masonry and reinforcing brick bonds. The study aims to understand how dissonance serves as an aesthetic expression in Alliance Française, shedding light on the complex interplay between structure and design.

Report Content

Sectional perspective


Building description 1

Building description 2


Detail 1: Brickbond

Detail 2: Lintel

Exterior vs. Interior view

Detail 3: Skylight