Chinmay U S


The Cloth of Colonial Modernity

The project aims to theorize the D N Hall on the MS University premises by critically analyzing its architectural details. In this context, the building itself serves as historical evidence. I employ a method of comparative analysis to identify both similarities and unique features among buildings from similar periods or following normative practices. Through close examination of the building, I develop arguments supported by argumentative drawings or sectional perspectives, providing a holistic understanding of its architectural significance. The culmination of the project is an essay that serves as a comprehensive exploration of D N Hall. The key takeaway from this studio is the skill of writing architectural histories with a primary focus on buildings themselves.

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Introduction to the building

Analysis of the facade, spatial configuration, and structure.

Observations of spatial transformations, brick bonds, and material junctions.

Sectional perspective as argumentative drawing.

Argument made with using the method of comparisons of the details with the standard practice.

Comparison of the standard practices of making of jack arch.

Understanding the elements of the jack arch and its assembly.

Analysis of the drop arch

Understanding of corbelling in the drop arch and comparison with the standard practice.