Faculty: Kaulav Bhagat

Basic Principles of Furniture Design

The field and the industry of furniture design today are initiating many systematic experiments of the design processes that explore varied design practices and principles which fulfil the unique needs of contemporary times. The basic design principles of furniture play a very important role in defining the need for the furniture, the making of the furniture and the poetics of the furniture in design experimentation.

The studio focuses on a systematic inquiry into the principles of the utility of the furniture, principles of making of furniture and principles of the future of furniture with knowledge and skills to develop the basic ability for furniture design. The studio explored methods of analytical documentation, design explorations using 2D and 3D drawings, models and prototyping as exercise outcomes. A sitting element was developed and designed to detail out as part of the final studio outcome using wood as a primary material. Students explored various types of wood, techniques of wood and wood composite products to develop furniture.

Studio Unit

Knowing Furniture By Drawing

Knowing Furniture By Making

Analysis of Masterpiece

Studio Project