Faculty: Rajendra Mistry | Nandita Mehrotra

TA: Drashti Patel


Flat pack ready to assemble furniture is a necessity nowadays. Reduction in the volume of furniture products can promote easy transportation, the flexibility of shifting, cost effectiveness, etc. Brands like Ikea, Takt, Hay, Hem, etc are promoting this philosophy. The connotation of poor quality materials and a lack of durability in flatpack designs can now be forgotten.

During the semester, students focused on designing furniture for residence and office spaces with innovative ways of making furniture flat pack. The studio intended to reduce the volume of the furniture product in its packed form through techniques like part assembly, inflating, deflating, folding, etc, and exploring the possible details. The studio parallelly focused on developing innovative details and having an intuitive assembly of the furniture for the end user. The course concluded with a full-scale working prototype along with an assembly manual which was a hands-on experience for the students.

Studio Unit

Description of Studio - FD4016 - 4'x8'