Faculty: Anand A patel

TA: Khushali Kadiwala

Building As Product : Pre Engineered Buildings - Design & Construction

The concept of 'building as a product' refers to viewing a building not just as a traditional construction project but as a product with characteristics similar to those of manufactured goods. This perspective emphasized a shift from the conventional construction process to a more systematic and industrialized approach. This studio aimed, through participation in an ongoing PEB project at CEPT University, to give the students an opportunity to engage in the detailing and construction of the proposed design and gain valuable insights into the production of factory-made building systems and products.

A variety of expertise is involved in the production of a PEB structure. This studio gave an insight into these allied disciplines so as to prepare the students to become a productive contributor to the team.

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Studio Unit

Studio brief & Site Plan of proposed PEB at CEPT (by Ar. Anand Patel)

Studio Layouts & 3D views of proposed PEB at CEPT (by Ar. Anand Patel)

Industry Visit at Phenix construction technology & on site construction of prototype by PSP projects

Component manufacturing at Phenix & onsite erection of prototype

Finished part prototype of PEB at CEPT campus near south gate