Faculty: Rishav Jain

Craft Futures: intersection of craft techniques and emergent technologies (Focus on stone, wood or clay)

The research delves into the future of craft production, considering the evolving landscape of materials, changing
manufacturing techniques, and the shifting roles of designers and craftspeople within the field of design in contemporary
The ongoing discourse between past and future, tradition and modernity, and the interplay between tools and technology
has placed significant demands on the craft sector to adapt and redefine itself. Consequently, the practice of craft has
found new expressions within the design landscape of contemporary India.
In the Indian design scene, emerging design practices are fostering diverse collaborations with the craft community,
fostering a pluralistic design language. This research project aims to explore the dynamic intersections between craft and
design, analyzing emerging design paradigms, technological advancements, and the evolving relationships between
craftspersons and designers.
This research domain is intended to explore new possibilities of intersection between craft and technologies by
engaging in applied material research.