Archi Shah



The “Digital Living” megatrend like other megatrends; urbanization and demographic shifts have profoundly transformed how individuals, households, and communities integrate digital technologies into their daily routines, social interactions, and decision-making processes. This pervasive shift towards a hyper-connected, technology-driven lifestyle has had a significant impact on consumer behavior and expectations, driving the need for businesses and organizations to adapt their strategies, products, and services accordingly. This research aims to study and inquire about the “Digital Living” megatrend, examining its evolution, and impact on consumer behavior psychologically in socio-cultural settings in shaping cultural shift. Through a comprehensive analysis of the key drivers, societal implications, and technological advancements that have facilitated the rise of “Digital Living,” the study provides a holistic understanding of this megatrend and its far-reaching consequences.

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Drivers and Diffusion

Digital Living Megatrend


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